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Collection: Multidimensional Worm Holes

Our reality may or may not be a reality. Could it be an illusion? This collection presents a study on a human perception of multidimensional reality or what we think of írealityí. The art is generated from the artistís mind. The computer, however is powerful creative tool that helps manifesting the artist’s ideas. Presented images are perceived as three dimensional. Or even four dimensional as they pull you into the spacetime wormhole.

These images are available as giclee prints on watercolor paper, canvas and adhesive fine art wall paper material.

5th dimention
Abstract 1111
Abstract 1112
Abstract 1113
Abstract 1114
Braking through the first demention
City Layers 1
City Red Sunset
City spiral
City worm hole
Cracked Wall Starry Night
Deep space
Deeper space
Fresh air
Planet in dementions
Spiral 1
Starry night worm hole
The Depth of Johnís World
The Sound of the New York City
The voice